- Bug #95: Table view occasionally shows the wrong project/task/details on an entry

- Bug #15: Change Windows Theme
- Bug #60: Right pane hidden and not accessible
- Bug #73: Idle status window not shown in Windows 7 (x64)
- Bug #74: Rechterkolom niet meer zichtbaar (.db bug?)
- Bug #75: Save en Save&start button soms niet zichtbaar onder Windows7
- Bug #79: bmann: error double clicking task list
- Feature #52: Double click on Stop time should stop task and allow time entry.
- Feature #59: Tray icon animation
- Feature #61: Select Custom Timeframe for Reporting
- Feature #78: Changing duration, project and task of a tracking entry

- Bug #32: Details lost (and buttons in the toolbar showed a "grey screen")
- Bug #44: Double click on Taskbar icon doesn't use saved size
- Bug #49: Modify of Day, StartTime, StopTime, Details in grid after moving columns are not correct
- Bug #51: v0.9.11.0 rc4 - Edit / Delete options for tasks disabled when they should be enabled
- Feature #30: column sizes not remembered between sessions
- Feature #35: Move/Copy task(s) to other project
- Feature #36: automatic changing of screens
- Feature #37: Allow entry of "16" for "16:00"
- Feature #38: Provide Option for where TimeTracker data file is stored
- Feature #40: Save window and panel split positions
- Feature #42: Improve "move task" operations

- Bug #26: Setting task details
- Feature #7: Popup menu for Project and Tasks
- Feature #27: Addition of menu entry to Popup menu Projects and Task

- Feature #16: Default project and tasks
- Feature #19: Bug report link
- Feature #7: Popup menu for Project and Tasks
- Fixed: Bug #14: Unexpected Error: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.
- Fixed: Bug #17: Time bug (midnight leap)
- Fixed: Bug #22: Comments in Detail fields frequently lost (special thanks to: Keith D Commiskey for his helpful bug report)

- Fixed: (ldepetrillo) Stringa non riconosciuta come valore DateTime valido.
- Fixed: System tray icon double click

- Missing confirmation when deleting tracking data
- Option to continue a task previously stopped
- "Continue task" confirmation
- Encrypt bug reports
- Fixed: "Specified cast is not valid.
System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader.VerifyType(Int32 i, DbType typ)"

- Added restart button on plugin management window
- Install plugins by double clicking a plugin file (.ttp)
- Support for x64 platform
- Fixed: Regional settings persistence
- Installer: improved timetracker detection

- Plugin support
- Use sqlite insted of XML
- Copy past in grid mode
- Import/Export database from/to XML
- Previous/Next in edit mode
- Select All/Copy in Tracker
- Added field Details in grid
- New Version Window
- Mono ( compatibility fixes
- Bugs fixed

- Search project/task
- Fix behavior when user changes system date/time
- Fixed Sleep/Hibernation behavior
- Backup/Restore timetracker database
- Fix task duration when start time is bigger than stop time
- Bugs fixed
- Reporting: Allowing to choose which projects to include in report

- Important bug fixed "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime." on program start

- Fixed regional settings (Weekday names, decimal number separator, date and time format) - reported by Tim and jcurl
- Allows to override default Regional settings
- Protected bug reported by Mark

- Preventing multi-instances of timetracker
- On error loading XML database, backup it and show error message with the reason
- Cosmetic changes on the main window and timetracker icon ("busyman")
- Better support for large and extra large fonts
- Added toolbar
- Idle warning should appear on top
- Improved Idle window
- Text report now gets Week Days from Windows Regional Settings (reported by jcurl)
- Fixed bugs reported by: Thomas, thoh and CEykelbosh

- Fixed 0:00 transaction if user idle
- Fixed some Vista presentation issues
- Current item isn't always the last item
- Added Exit, Start task and Stop task to systray icon menu
- Catch unhandled exceptions
- Send error report to developer
- Remember user to start task if timetracker started minimizedStore window position, size and state
- Text Report: Summary (Tasks per project)

- Store window position, size and state
- Store last project and last task
- Close should not close timetracker...
- After a crash if a task was not properly closed, prompt user to close or continue task
- Keep total time updated based on current filter (Today, Week, Month)
- Restart active task at 0:00

- New Home button to return to the main view (tracker items)
- Improved "new version" verification
- Close window just hides it
- Fixed "Null pointer"

- Report: show total time in the format hour:min
- Report: Show/hide task duration
- Improved Idle Detection window

- Adjust projects and task components height
- Fix "DEL button doesn't clear item from tracker list"
- Fix "Opening popup menu when editing a tracker item throws exception"
- Tracker list: One click selects line, double click edits field
- Installer: Detects if timetracker is running

- Added Popup menu to tracker list
- Convert project/task description to Notes
- Edit project/task name

- Small cosmetic changes
- Bug fixes
- Icons for add/edit/remove task

- Allows date field edition- Dailly/Weekly/Monthly chart reports
- General bug fixes

- Bug fixed on month reports

- new version notifications
- allow deletion of multi lines
- fixed wrong behavior while editing the start and stop time field
- fixed idle checker
- restrict application to a single instance
- Formating the presentation of total time for the day/week/month